Save Eaten Fish

 [Update] Mr Eaten Fish says thank you with this cartoon.
Eaten Fish is a cartoonist named Ali, a 24 year old Iranian artist who has been held in Australia’s immigration detention centre for 3 years now. 18 months ago First Dog on the Moon began mentoring Eaten Fish and they have since kept regular contact.  
Throughout the three years that Eaten Fish has been incarcerated on Manus Island he has suffered from ever worsening and extreme OCD, panic attacks – that can leave him literally paralysed, and Complex PTSD.  Earlier this year Eaten Fish was seriously assaulted.  Since this assault he has continued to endure ongoing sexual harassment from guards, staff and some other detainees.  This compounds the effects of the assault and his serious mental health conditions. 
Eaten Fish is now und
er 24 hour watch and remains in the isolation area, Green Zone, of the detention camp. He continues to be propositioned and sexually harassed and his state continues to deteriorate. Eaten Fish needs to be brought to a safe place where he can receive the  specialised treatment for the serious conditions he suffers from.
We are launching this website as part of a campaign urging the Australian government to immediately remove Eaten Fish from the Manus Island detention centre and bring him to Australia for the specialised treatment he requires.
You can read more about Eaten Fish go here to the RAPBS campaign and in the Guardian here. A gallery of his cartoons is here as well.
A number of LEGENDARY Australian cartoonists are drawing cartoons in support of the campaign to get Ali off Manus and into proper treatment including this one by Firstdog Onthemoon.
As the cartoons are drawn, they will appear here. You can see them below. Are you a cartoonist? Would you like to support this campaign? Contact us on twitter @firstdogonmoon or firstdogonthemoon at hotmail dot com.
Cartoon by Eaten Fish