Manus island and the death Angel:

Death Angel Final.jpgAnd… the tragedy continues and there is no one to stop it…Another Refugee dies… I mean it is so so sad… But the saddest part is that a few individuals (I do not actually know what to call them) using the situation of the Refugees miserable lives on Manus island to make international Profiles for themselves by sharing information (false and true) with the world…!

I mean where were they when Salim needed real help? They knew he was very sick and they did not share it when they had an easy and fast access to press and they started sharing information now that he is gone…!




Forgive my broken English but let’s use our voices to help refugees…

Eaten Fish has been saved.

This is from the ICORN press release:

Award winning Iranian cartoonist Ali Dorani, known as Eaten Fish, has left Papa New Guinea and is now in safety. Dorani has spent the past four years in a refugee detention camp on Manus Island, Papua new Guniea.

I have left PNG. It was a long journey but I am safe now. I am thinking about my friends in Manus Island and Port Moresby. Thank you to my supporters and people who worked to make this journey happen.”

Eaten Fish

You can read the rest of it here.

This page has been kept quiet for reasons that will be apparent to anyone who understands the political situation surrounding Australia’s immigration policy.

Getting Eaten Fish off Manus has been a lot of work by a lot of people, a lot of work that should never have been needed. There is much gratitude to everyone involved, especially Eaten Fish who made it! We look forward to Eaten Fish taking over as admin of this page in the coming months.

Many people remain on Manus, and Nauru and in detention in Australia. There is still much work to be done.

Eaten Fish receives Voltaire Award

Each year Liberty Victoria give the Voltaire Empty Chair Award to an outstanding contributor to free speech who is unable to accept it in person. This year it is Eaten Fish  “the prize-winning cartoonist and Iranian asylum seeker held on Manus Island for almost four years.  His pen name evokes lives relentlessly consumed, expended, chewed up and spat out in the service of Australia’s cruel policy of ‘deterrence’.”

Read more about it here.


How can you help Eaten Fish

Eaten Fish has been on a hunger strike since January 31.

There is an online petition here you can sign.

Let your local MP and/or Senator know what you think. Write, email, phone get a group of friends and relations and head down to their electorate office and let them know Eaten Fish needs to come to Australia urgently for medical treatment.

Cartoonists are drawing a fish for Eaten Fish and posting them on Twitter. Here is one example…

Also this from CRNI.

Here is an excellent zine from many artists that Jini Maxwell put together. It is a pdf..

Will add more things to this list as they come along. Thanks so much to everyone who has expressed concern for Eaten Fish and offered to do something, anything.